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my bloody valentine

Bloody Sunday: My Bloody Valentine is back

Today was ment to be a normal day as any Sunday. But no, it turned out to be maybe the most exciting sunday of the last decades – musically at least. My Bloody Valentine released their new album. If you haven’t been a complete mbv-nerd in the early 90’s, then don’t try to understand. For you who forgot about the existence of this band, well, nothing more to say that this music might sound too far away to connect with. And for those who always believed, year after year, that My Bloody Valentine is a band above any other, showing the path for thousands of people to where music was going to, then yes, for those people, i just let you make your own opinion and dream as we used to dream with Loveless on the turntable. Enjoy!Bild 


During MBV’s jet engine break

Great pics from MBV@ATP in NYC :-) Damn i wished i had shooted so great pictures and recorded the whole concert like Bradley did!

Only shallow cover by Pas de Printemps pour Marnie – awesome!

see the video here

My Bloody Valentine Live Paris 9th July 2008

Damn! I am back. 16 years of waiting and i am already back. The dream is over. Only shallow remains a serie picture, the sound is still vrooooming in my left ear. Here are the pics:

MBV live Paris 09.08.08

My Bloody Valentine live, 2008. I am coming

This is maybe the most (musically) exciting day in 2007 since the Daydream Nation / Sonic Youth concert in Berlin in July: i have a ticket for My Bloody Valentine in Manchester, 29th june 2008 :-)

my bloody valentine live manchester

I still can’t believe it. This is unreal. The biggest regret i have had in the last 20 years – to have missed MBV live in the early 90’s – is about to come true.

And even better: i have 5 tickets, and a friend of mine 4. So we’ll be 9 friends from Berlin, Paris, Lyon etc, one week end in Madchester, finishing the week end with what might be the highlight of my musical life. This is simply unbelievable!

My Bloody Valentine live, 2008

i don’t know if i should laugh or cry, i don’t have tickets yet…

my bloody valentine

and now i am about to die:


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