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Die Qual der (französischen) Wahl

Jetzt geht es darum, die Programme durchzulesen…



I am sure if i should consider this as a serious news: . It’s not the first time in the last 21 years that this news pops up. But who knows. Maybe this long break was necessary after such a breathtaking album as Loveless. Wishing Kevin and co. good luck, and hoping for the best.

If there’s one business man within the music industry i’d like to express my respect for, it’s N*E*R*D ‘s Pharrell Williams. You can read about one day of his life in the latest issue of WSJ Magazine (yes, i do read this…). Pharrell is not only a genious as a music producer, he also has sense for time management and endurance, when i look at his agenda. 4 songs completed from scratch in 70 minutes, 11 hours straight spent recording. Well, keep on doing the good work, this goes right to my ears and my heart.



This is the most beautiful album cover i’ve ever seen of an album that hasn’t come out yet.

Can only fully agree.

Inspiration Lab

Ahhhh…it looks like spring has finally come to Denmark and it’s putting a smile on my face. Somehow I always have a craving for wearing strong colours in spring so I’ve bought LOTS of neon coloured stuff. That’s why coming across Agathe de Bailliencourt’s colourful abstract paintings fit right into my spring mood. They almost make me wanna start painting myself! (I can’t draw to save my life, but I like to do abstract compositions).

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2012 Bars and Restaurants in Berlin

I am lost.

In the last days, 4 friends asked me for the best and exclusive Berlin tips – all planning to spend some good time in the city during springtime, and all looking for a real blast in the best, most hyped and coolest bars, clubs, restaurants, hangouts, hotels, you name it… I’d better not disappoint them. Otherwise i’ll be the first one to lose my “Berliner” status.

So now you can help me: give me some of your best advices and i’ll make a “best of Berlin 2012” out of it. I’ll only add places where i’ve been myself. How to do it? Just post comments to this post with some of your favs – regardless the style, price, if it’s for bobos or hipsters, rich or poor, smart or dumb. I just want to get the best of Berlin right now 2012 – made by the berlin kollektiv readers.

I start here:

#1: Princess Kimchi, Kreuzberg
#2: Gendarmerie Restaurant, Mitte (it’s a joke – or maybe not?)
#3: Monsieur Vuong, Mitte
#4: Pan Asia, Mitte (remark: dissapointed of my last visit, april 2012)
#5: Michelberger Hotel, Nähe Warschauerstr.
#6: Dudu: Linienstr., Mitte
#7: Alpenstück, Schröderstr. Ecke Gartenstr., Mitte
#8: Toca Rouge, Torstr, Mitte
#9: Kutchi, Gipsstrasse, Mitte

To go out: obviously, Torstrasse is getting full attention during the night, even though this street is not so attractive during the day.

– Bravo Bar
– Kaffee Burger (try the Russendisko)
– Trust
– Kingsize (on Friedrichstrasse)

Berlin is not Manhattan, Culture column, Deutsche Welle

In Berlin, don’t mention the “G” word – gentrification. But is Berlin really about to turn into Manhattan? Deutsche Welle’s Stuart Braun has his doubts.

via Berlin is not Manhattan | Culture column | Deutsche Welle | 25.03.2011


20 000 Milliards de Dollars

20 000 milliards de dollars, par Edouard Treteau, un très bon livre qui résume à merveille le cataclysme économique au milieu duquel nous nous trouvons, mais qui donne aussi le désir de croire en l’Europe et aux Européens. Le chemin vers des Etats Unis d’Europe semble long et semé d’embuches à priori insolubles (non possumus?), mais c’est bien là le seul moyen (à moyen/long terme) de sortir de cette crise sans y laisser toutes nos plumes…


And a good (and brief) overview in English:

Oh no…….

All that amazing teasing to announce that the Beatles are on iTunes… It's 2010 for Gods sake.

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