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CYCOSMOS Re-launch

That was a surprise!

After all these years of frustration, of down-turn, of new projects taking their inspiration right from Snowcrash and the Cluetrain Manifest, here’s the big news: CYCOSMOS.COM is about to be relaunched.

cycosmos relaunch

What was CYCOSMOS you might ask? Take the best of collaborative filtering, Second Life and FaceBook and go back in time, year 1998: that’s CYCOSMOS.COM. Maybe the most advanced Community at this time, with about 1 million users.

And a lot of problems.

It cost me my job as – maybe the sexiest and most megalomaniac job title i ever had: Head of Cycosmos! :-D


Camper or Converse?

yes, tonight is friday night and i decided to write about something new: shoes!

Camper or Converse?

This is definitely not the most important question to ask, compared to other issues we have in the world like global warming and the mission unaccomplished in Irak.

But let’s think about it for a second. I am soon 40 (ok, some years left, but i feel like i am) and i NEVER had a pair of converse in my life. Ne-ver. I always liked them but somehow never bought any when they were hype (every 5-10 years) or uncool (every 5-10 years). It took me many many years before i got a pair of Camper. I thought only spanish intellectuals wear Camper. Meanwhile, i am wearing my pair number 4, Imar, bought in Barcelona sommer 07:

camper imar

I just love them.

Then this happened: i read about the Converse (PRODUCT) RED project on Agathes website. The website is (TOO) COOL. You can create and personnalize your own pair of Converse. Ok, build to order is not new, but this is really going to the next level.


The configuration of the shoes makes fun, you can spend 1 hour to choose the colors, the material etc:
converse personnalise

The good thing with the Converse is the price: 75 USD. The negative thing: delivery USA only.
The good thing with the Camper Imar: they look and feel great. The bad thing: the price (100 EUR).

And the bad things for boths: they travel the world in planes and trucks to land on your feet…

What does it have to do with Berlin? Nothing.

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Berlin på Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm

Berlin Berlin

Alfred Grenander, tunnelbanan och metropolens kultur, på Arkitekturmuseet i Stockholm

Få svenskar har påverkat Berlins utveckling så mycket som Alfred Grenander. Han var arkitekt, möbeldesigner och stadsplanerare, inredningsarkitekt, konsthantverkare och förnyare. Utställningen ger en överblick av Grenanders omfattande verk med tonvikt på gestaltning av stationer och fordon.

Nu och till januari 2008 kan man besöka Stockholms arkitekturmuseet.

Berlin in 3D for Google Earth

I already posted some great news about Berlin in 3D, but here is a film that explains what you can see before you downloads the plug-in. The data transfer is quiet heavy, so i recommend to use Google Earth and the Berlin 3D plug-in on a good computer…

Stockholm doesn’t like Street Art

It’s a matter of fact: Stockholm politicians consider street art as a crime. Brå (Brottsförebyggande Rådet) reports about a 30% increase of the criminality, says SvD.This is completely fucked up. How can you put into the brain of people that street art or so graffiti is crime? It shows again how untolerant Stockholm can be and that politicians don’t make the difference between what is REALLY considered as a criminality (physical violence, destruction, degradation, etc.) and the rest. Well, 30% increase, might people reconsider seriously Stockholms (unofficial and self-stated) title as Capital of Scandinavia?

stockholm street artOr is it me who got brained washed when i lived i Berlin? Street art is everywhere, ugly and beautiful but omnipresent. It is a part of peoples expression, younger and desperate or as simple as artists in search of their audience. People have been painting the Berlin wall in decades. Artists or people don’t have any right to express themselves in Stockholm. And i profoundly regret this. And again, Berlin is the place where street art really means something, just have a look at Agathes work, close your eyes and imagine this in Stockholm…Here are some famous (the 6) and ugly street art from Berlin… Street Art is not always beautiful and creative, but it has the right to exist.Here’s a video from The RealList at YouTube for those in Stockholm who want to get afraid… and a nice one from

erster may … and ugly street (non) art.UPDATE 20080127: Berlin Street art compiled by Bart van Kersavond Other swedish blogs about: , , ,

Berlin macht 2008 keine Schulden mehr

So soll es sein, lt. Politiker, wie die MoPo berichtet.  Und macht man das? Ganz einfach: öffentliche Gebäude sponsoren lassen. Und so sieht es aus:

ipod reklm berlin

Berlin in Pink! by Agathe de Bailliencourt

i would like to present you a wonderful artist that i have the chance to know through common friends: Agathe de Bailliencourt. Just the little story: Agathe is the only person i know who went to see Sonic Youth live in 1988 at their original Daydream Nation tour… Quiet impressive. She recently moved from Singapore (!) to Berlin, where she is now working on different projects. Here are 2 of the them:


A little news update from Berlin, where I take part in two projects :

– “Street Art goes Fine Art”, a collective exhibition at the Gallery Tristesse deluxe. The exhibition is part of the Street Art festival “Backjumps Live Issue #3”.

Check out my “Pink Karl” installation directly painted on the pavement of Karl Marx Allee, in front of the Gallery.

agathe Pink Karl

– The “48-Stunden Neukolln” festival, with “La vie en rose”, a painting installation in the courtyard of a building. The festival took place on the 23th & 24th of June at Lichtenraderstr. 32.


See you soon !




Don’t miss it and follow Agathe in Berlin and on her web…

1. Mai in Berlin

“5000 Polizisten sind rund um den 1. Mai in die Hauptstadt abgeordnet. Im letzten Jahr wurden bei den Ausschreitungen am 1. Mai 179 Personen festgenommen, 68 Polizisten wurden zumeist leicht verletzt”, schreibt der Spiegel. Mal sehen was uns der 1. Mai dieses Jahr für überraschungen vorbereitet. Auf jeden Fall soll es letzte Nacht schon in Kreuzberg einiges geschehen sein.


Und bei Euch? aus Stockholm wird berichtet: “Valborgsfirandet blev stökigt med fylleri och misshandel i flera delar av landet. I Uppsala omhändertogs ett stort antal berusade tonåringar”, also viele Betrunkene und Gewalttätige, berichtet DN… trotz nicht mal 5 Grad.

20.28: Laut DN wurden 61 Personen in Berlin festgenommen. Scheint einen ziehmlichen friedlichen 1. Mai gewesen zu sein…

Initiative: vierte Oper, dritter Zoo und siebte Uni für Berlin

Ich habe im letzten Tip über ein nettes T-Shirt Motiv gelesen. Ist bei Katz und Goldt zu erwerben. Schön provokativ oder?

t-shirt berlin

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