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Oh no…….

All that amazing teasing to announce that the Beatles are on iTunes… It's 2010 for Gods sake.


A big Apple to bite

Wich such an announcement and the amazing viral spread of the (still no) news coming from Apple, we can expect some companies like Spotify, Deezer and co. to have a sleepless night. Or maybe not. These guys have been expecting this since a long time back. So it might be good for the market, especially when we are talking about a disruptive business model, a new way of consuming music. So let's see what happens tomorrow. At least, it sounds like a good news for us consumers.

“Download your information Get a copy of the data you’ve put on Facebook.” So what’s all this Google-Facebook war about?

Just found out that you can download all the information you got on facebook (your contact, all your posts, photos etc). This is not really what all the discussions between FB and GOOG were about last week. I thought that FB were the bad guys who did not let you get full access to the information that you upload. Is this download feature new? Anyhow, i am going to try this out. If the data is complete, then i must say that FB has completely change their data policy – in the right direction.


Yes, posterous. This is not a new service, but maybe the one that
will make me combine the blogging with the tweeting and the
facebooking. So let’s give it a try!

Twitter killed my blog

Social media – Facebook and Twitter – managed to kill my blog within a couple of months. I am amazed to see how many other blogs died around mine. They are hunting the web as half dead bodies, filled with old-stuff stories, not being updated for a while, leaving a trace of a quiet recent past, but too old to feel present. All these blogs will mark the rise and fall of a whole (sub-) culture, that was crashed by the power of social media and the convenience of expressing thoughts in just a few words.

But i don’t declare the death of my blog. Won’t look into the past what’s been written – i don’t care and no one bothers – but i know there will be a future for deeper communication. Blogs will survive, blogs will be a light in the huge black hole of the social media and the proprietary web 3.0. Berlin Kollektiv will be there!

Grizzly Bear’s ‘Foreground’ – An aleatory and combinatory remix by Phoenix


A long time ago Grizzly Bear asked us to remix one of their tracks, but we never found the boldness to mess with their beautiful songs.
So the other day we figured, maybe if we combine great things together (Grizzly Bear, Eno, chance), it would create something good.

1. Press play on either player
2. After an indefinite number of seconds, press play on other player
3. You can create your own mix by adjusting the volume on either player
4. If it’s good : enjoy, if it’s bad : try again !

Nice memories

Wow, i get so many good memories when i watch this movie.

Kissing the sky from Claudius Kirsch on Vimeo.

Room with a (virtual) view

When i stayed in SF, I had a nice room with a view on the top floor of the Clift Hotel. Too good to be true. Unfortunately, I did not have a single chance to admire the view during daylight. So I asked Google, and it did a good job for me.

By night (ok, sunrise), and then virtually generated by Google. Booah, wait a minute, this is the backdoor to many weird thoughts, it’s frightening what Google can do. No need to move any longer. Virtual reality is getting so close to… reality? My answer is no, it will never completely.

Stockholm doesn’t like Street Art. Sao Paulo doesn’t like Pixo.

After writing that “Stockholm doesn’t like street art“, i need to mention that Sao Paulo doesn’t either, and they really have a good reason not to. The “Pixo”, a new form of grafitti, black, ugly, iliterate, is really a scary thing for the Paulistas. Look at this video.

Thx to Damien for the info

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