I am lost.

In the last days, 4 friends asked me for the best and exclusive Berlin tips – all planning to spend some good time in the city during springtime, and all looking for a real blast in the best, most hyped and coolest bars, clubs, restaurants, hangouts, hotels, you name it… I’d better not disappoint them. Otherwise i’ll be the first one to lose my “Berliner” status.

So now you can help me: give me some of your best advices and i’ll make a “best of Berlin 2012” out of it. I’ll only add places where i’ve been myself. How to do it? Just post comments to this post with some of your favs – regardless the style, price, if it’s for bobos or hipsters, rich or poor, smart or dumb. I just want to get the best of Berlin right now 2012 – made by the berlin kollektiv readers.

I start here:

#1: Princess Kimchi, Kreuzberg
#2: Gendarmerie Restaurant, Mitte (it’s a joke – or maybe not?)
#3: Monsieur Vuong, Mitte
#4: Pan Asia, Mitte (remark: dissapointed of my last visit, april 2012)
#5: Michelberger Hotel, Nähe Warschauerstr.
#6: Dudu: Linienstr., Mitte
#7: Alpenstück, Schröderstr. Ecke Gartenstr., Mitte
#8: Toca Rouge, Torstr, Mitte
#9: Kutchi, Gipsstrasse, Mitte

To go out: obviously, Torstrasse is getting full attention during the night, even though this street is not so attractive during the day.

– Bravo Bar
– Kaffee Burger (try the Russendisko)
– Trust
– Kingsize (on Friedrichstrasse)