Noise Nomads

Yes you read right. You SY fans, who travelled the world to see the exhibition Sensational Fix with your own eyes. So now you can start to build your own fan-gallery in your living room – if you can afford it. I mean if your living room is large enough – money doesn’t matter when it comes to gathering SY pieces of art. Anyhow, think hard about it. Ask for how many pieces were produced. I already see that the “Dude War” exists in at least 2 exemplars, the one from Malmö and the one sold by Colette.

dude war malmoe

So 4.000 EUR might be ok, but not if 50 other pieces are around. Personally i prefer the Malmö Dude War than the one at Colette. Here is the Malmös version. BTW: tonight, SY plays in Berlin. I really feel like i am at the wrong place.