i am back from Berlin and will tell all the nice things i saw and learned very soon… But let’s start with an article i just read in Mitti (the local newspaper).

film scenario

It’s about the movie maker Tim Claxton who made the same mistake as i did: live in Berlin and fall in love in a swedish woman. As a result, he’s now based in Stockholm.  I have a lot of sympathy or compassion for this kind of tragedy ;-)

But the good thing in the story is that he brings a part of Berlin to Stockholm by opening the Film Scenario. The idea is that people can decide which movies will be shown in the Theatre Scenario (Teater Scenario in Swedish). Not only that the selection is amazingly good (Les Amants du Pont-Neuf, Hiroshima Mon Amour, The Life Aquatic just to name some), but Tim Claxton also wants to give some Berlin spirit to the location. Then i just say: go for it man, Stockholm badly needs it. I really hope that it is possible to drink a beer while watching the movie – which is more than common in Berlin – and that there is no pop corn for sale ;-)

Anyway, this is a great initiative, and i hope the information will be spread to all those who love great films, nice bars, good beer, and of course BERLIN!