Well i guess i missed something on the 11th of march 2006 in Berlin WEST GERMANY (!):

In a move that took everyone by total surprise, Th’ Faith Healers have reunited for a number of gigs in early 2006. The tour dates, as announced by their US label Ba Da Bing!, are were as follows:

  • 11 March: Berlin, Germany – WestGermany
  • 17 March: Austin, TX – Blender Balcony at the Ritz
  • 22 March: Boston, MA – Pa’s Lounge
  • 27 March: Brooklyn, NY – Northsix
  • 29 March: New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
  • 30 March: Philadelphia, PA – The Khyber
  • 20 April: London, England – 93 Feet East

Th’ Healers have repeatedly said that this was strictly a one-off tour to promote the Peel Sessions CD and there are no plans for future dates or new recordings.

Fans’ impressions from these gigs can be found over on the Impressions page.

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For those who didn’t know: th’Faith Healers was one of the most amazing band in the beginning of the 90’s. Their sound was unique. There were on the label Too Pure.