wwaaaaahhh ………

guess what: 5 1/2 years of waiting and it happened. Berlin has reached Stockholm, via Kruthuset. Last saturday was definitely the best party i’ve ever had in Stockholm, i felt at home, pure Berlin feelings, amazing music and DJs: Exercise One (Mobilee, LAN Muzic, Berlin), Christian Larsson (cello), MiniCool (Hamburg), Makode Linde (Ficks, San Fransisco), Kornèl Kovàcs (Nacht, Ficks, Kruthuset), Towlie (Klesha).

I had a chat with the guys from Minicool, niiiiice. Kornèl Kovàcs is a freak behind the turntables. Makode Linde is… well… you have to see him.

Ok, dear people from Kruthuset, i’ll be your guest next time, just keep the Berlin spirit alive.