yes, tonight is friday night and i decided to write about something new: shoes!

Camper or Converse?

This is definitely not the most important question to ask, compared to other issues we have in the world like global warming and the mission unaccomplished in Irak.

But let’s think about it for a second. I am soon 40 (ok, some years left, but i feel like i am) and i NEVER had a pair of converse in my life. Ne-ver. I always liked them but somehow never bought any when they were hype (every 5-10 years) or uncool (every 5-10 years). It took me many many years before i got a pair of Camper. I thought only spanish intellectuals wear Camper. Meanwhile, i am wearing my pair number 4, Imar, bought in Barcelona sommer 07:

camper imar

I just love them.

Then this happened: i read about the Converse (PRODUCT) RED project on Agathes website. The website is (TOO) COOL. You can create and personnalize your own pair of Converse. Ok, build to order is not new, but this is really going to the next level.


The configuration of the shoes makes fun, you can spend 1 hour to choose the colors, the material etc:
converse personnalise

The good thing with the Converse is the price: 75 USD. The negative thing: delivery USA only.
The good thing with the Camper Imar: they look and feel great. The bad thing: the price (100 EUR).

And the bad things for boths: they travel the world in planes and trucks to land on your feet…

What does it have to do with Berlin? Nothing.

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