Just watch with interest the video from BBC with Thurston Moore, talking about visual art and especially Raymond Pettibon, also known as the author of the “Goo” cover. Just interesting… This cover has been hanging in my living room the last 15 years.

image from wikipedia

raymond pettibon

UPDATED NOV 18th 2007:
Just made some research after that Agathe made me curious, and found this on Wikipedia:

The cover is a Raymond Pettibon illustration based on a paparazzi photo of Maureen Hindley and her first husband David Smith, witnesses in the case of serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley,[5] driving to the trial in 1966.
The Handwritten Text reads,”I stole my sister’s boyfriend. It was all whirlwind, heat, and flash. Within a week we killed my parents and hit the road.”

The original picture is here.