It’s a matter of fact: Stockholm politicians consider street art as a crime. Brå (Brottsförebyggande Rådet) reports about a 30% increase of the criminality, says SvD.This is completely fucked up. How can you put into the brain of people that street art or so graffiti is crime? It shows again how untolerant Stockholm can be and that politicians don’t make the difference between what is REALLY considered as a criminality (physical violence, destruction, degradation, etc.) and the rest. Well, 30% increase, might people reconsider seriously Stockholms (unofficial and self-stated) title as Capital of Scandinavia?

stockholm street artOr is it me who got brained washed when i lived i Berlin? Street art is everywhere, ugly and beautiful but omnipresent. It is a part of peoples expression, younger and desperate or as simple as artists in search of their audience. People have been painting the Berlin wall in decades. Artists or people don’t have any right to express themselves in Stockholm. And i profoundly regret this. And again, Berlin is the place where street art really means something, just have a look at Agathes work, close your eyes and imagine this in Stockholm…Here are some famous (the 6) and ugly street art from Berlin… Street Art is not always beautiful and creative, but it has the right to exist.Here’s a video from The RealList at YouTube for those in Stockholm who want to get afraid… and a nice one from

erster may … and ugly street (non) art.UPDATE 20080127: Berlin Street art compiled by Bart van Kersavond Other swedish blogs about: , , ,