Just got this message from an angry group moderator at, and my answer below…

On 31 May 2007, 8:44am you wrote:
Since was bought by CBS i’m going to cancel my subscription and will leave this site. I can understand that they sold the site for 280 million bucks, but i don’t want a huge company to make the decisions here, because things here have been bad sometimes without a major in the back.
So if anyone is interested in taking over the group just send me a pm and you can have it. If there should be more than one person i’m going to start a vot on this.

Hi there,

i understand your spontaneous reaction, who does not get angry when a major takes over such a nice thing as… I am angry as well, i just hate it. CBS might definitely fuck it up totally. But you should maybe just wait for a couple of weeks/months and see what happens… We never know… Would be sad if you leave all the others in the group. Maybe we have a chace to get the freedom we need and maybe we can negociate this. If not, then we all fuck off and go somewhere else.