Ha ha!

I am not a reader of NME because they’ve been writing and recommending too much crap in the 90’s. Anyhow, there is one kind of article i LOVE to read again and again. It’s always called something like: “My Bloody Valentine set to record again”. And guess what? We got it in 2007! YES! It’s here.

If you don’t believe in it, just wait until the next one. It might be in 2012.

my bloody valentine

Kevin, Belinda, Colm, Debbie, some of us are REALLY patient…

Later rumors from Wikipedia:

In 2004, My Bloody Valentine were rumored to be re-recording five additional tracks in Berlin for the re-release of 1990’s Glider EP; however, if anything was recorded, it has yet to surface.

As of late 2006, Kevin Shields is in the process of remastering My Bloody Valentine material and has also expressed an interest in staging a reunion tour.