Just read a very interesting posting on a NYC blogg:

Isle of Joy: NYC Living Above (& Below) Ground

I had to comment this and make a parallel with leaving Berlin and seeing friends doing the same:

This is great to read this. I could (almost) write something similar about what happened to me in Berlin, Germany. And ask the question: Why would you leave Berlin? I heard people with the same kind of sarcastic comments about “how things were much better before”, then living the city. Then i left myself. But there is a German saying: “once a Berliner, always a Berliner” (einmal berliner, immer berliner). Today I am still a “Berliner”. People leave but they always come back, physically or in thought. And there is a French saying: “qui aime bien chatie bien” (spare the rod and spoil the child). This might apply to NYC and your friends as well… They will probably never leave and forget NYC!