ok, so can things happen: i am the 46th most read blog by wordpress in german language today. Why that?

– check this post about how to make a blog successful. Sorry, i don’t really give the answer there, but at least some interesting result.
– i linked to some external blogs. un/fortunately i wrote something that seems not to be 100% exact. It wasn’t my intention, but as a result, it started a discussion and i got masses of visitors.

ok, so what do we learn out of that?
– link to great blogs, wherever they are
– talk about nice people
– be exact in what you say. if you’re not, expect things to happen

Conclusion: getting visitors is cool, but where are all the exil-berliner? hiding themselves? YOU are my audience!

So, i hope to publish a part 3 soon, explaining how i succeeded reaching my audience. Any comments or recos?